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Crusty's Wasabi Seaweed Soy Skin Crisps (100g Packet)


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Wasabi Seaweed Soy Skin
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Soy Skin Crisps with Wasabi Seaweed - 芥末紫菜斋鹅 Truly addictive to munch on, these aromatic and crunchy ready-to-eat "vegetarian mock goose” chips are made of crispy rolled bean curd skin and packed full of rich taukee (soy bean) flavours, and suitable for all ages and perfect or personal snacking indulgences, or delightful socialising around the dinner table as a heartwarming appetiser! Crusty's Singapore - Satisfaction Guaranteed! Just Sit back and Crusty's! Original Wok-prepared recipe since 2016 - Made with real Salted Eggs and spices, Crusty's selection of snacks undergo unique preparation methods to deliver their signature Crust! Find out more on Crusty's Singapore ! Facebook / Instagram: @CrustysSG • Authentic flavours, Made in Singapore • 100% preservative-free • Produced in an ISO22000:2005 Certified Facility • As featured on Michelin Guide Singapore 2019 • Brand Ambassador of Tasty Singapore