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High-quality Sandwich Seaweed Korean Seaweed Snacks 4 Flavors of Seaweed Snacks


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Minimum 12 Months Shelf Life
Fried rice
pumpkin seeds
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Special note: Because of different production batches, the patterns printed on the outer packaging may be different, and no further notice will be given. Product category: roasted seaweed Raw materials and ingredients: seaweed, sesame, white sugar, etc. Shelf life: 12 months Production date: the date of coding on the outside of the jar Storage method: dry at room temperature Grade: Grade A Production license number: SC12232072103700 Specifications: sesame, Batam, fried rice, pumpkin seeds Batam and taste of pumpkin seeds is loved Net content (specification): 40 Quantity: 1 can Although we have carried out multi-layer packaging, after international long-distance transportation, the cans may still be slightly dented, but it will not affect the consumption. Do not worry.