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(SUPPORT LOCAL) Neon Signage Words Bar Style Sign/ LED Light USB Powered Wall House Prop Christmas Decor Lights


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No Brand
Watermelon EXCLUSIVE
Rainbow Cloud
Small Rainbow30x16CM
Good Vibes BLUE
Cloudy Rainbow
Pink Love
Princess Unicorn
Shooting Star
4Pcs No-Drill Hooks
USB 3-Pin Adapter
Battery Adapter
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Please select J&T if you purchase 2 or more quantities. Speedpost Economy may not able to send super bulky parcels and will send to nearest popstation. Thank you for your understanding! 🌟Local Singapore Warranty!🌟 💥Purchase with confidence with a local seller! Overseas seller may not guarantee warranty once transaction is completed. 💥We will replace if there is any defect during transit. 💥Receive within 2-3 working days for ready stock items! Ask us if you have any questions! Made of PVC material, durable and reliable. Exquisite workmanship with cute different shape design. A good decoration for indoor space, create a romantic atmosphere. 🌟NO DRILLING WALLS REQUIRED! You can add-in the No-Drill Hooks to cart to stick on wall and looks like drill-in style! They look better than regular wall hooks! 🌟You can put it anywhere, even in your car as it's USB powered, convenient to use. 🌟Still prefer batteries? You can add-on USB Battery Adapter to use it with 4 x AA batteries! (Sold Separately) Hang it on your bedroom or house wall for a decorative wall light! Perfect for home, bedroom, living room, kids room, cafe, bar, shop window, party, etc. Material: PVC USB powered USB Battery Adapter to use it with 4 x AA batteries! (Sold Separately) Beer 30 x 30 CM Light Bulb 70 x 24 CM Hustle50x12cm BAR 50 x 30CM Hello 43X31CM Banana 47x31.7CM RainbowCloud 44x20CM White Leaf 42x42cm Ice cream 40x19CM Popsicle 45x21CM Cactus 47x26CM Hanger 39 x 21CM Planet 40 x 20CM Rainbow 22x45CM Dream 15.5x45.5CM ShootingStar 19.5x40 Pink Love 17.5x45cm OPEN 22x45CM Unicorn 32x33CM CloudyRainbow 38 x 20 CM Christmas Tree 40 x 22 CM Good Vibes 50 x 13 CM Pineapple 44 x 26 CM Rock&Roll Guitar 40 x 20CM Green Leaf 33 x 25 CM